Company Profile


RCH Associates, located in Fremont, California was founded in 1990. The company’s first charter was the manufacturer of high purity gas systems and LPCVD components related to horizontal diffusion furnaces.


With early success and 30 years of direct experience in all aspects of furnace design and processing, RCH expanded to include newly manufactured furnace systems. The key premises of the designs were to assure pristine equipment, maintenance simplicity, ruggedness and consistent process results. To this day RCH is noted as the premier

supplier of high quality furnace processing systems with close attention to cost-effectiveness and value.


To accommodate further expansion a second facility was added in early 2009.


The company continues ongoing efforts to improve all aspects of equipment design, reliability, modularity and operation ease. After 2 1/2 years of development and field-testing the ASTRA Control System was released in 2008.  With ASTRA, which is fully modern and incorporates microcomputer, Ethernet and Touch Screen operation, RCH has optimized this key equipment attribute. ASTRA is available on all RCH furnace models. In addition, it may be used to upgrade most existing furnace systems and may be customized for other equipment applications.


Corporate Headquarters              Fremont, California

In-house Capabilities


  • Solid model engineering
  • Electronic and software engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Onsite system assembly integration and testing
  • Onsite cleanroom orbital and TIG welding
  • Clean room gas control assembly
  • Electronic and electrical assembly and testing
  • PC board manufacturing, assembly and testing
  • Light machining
  • Customer services, purchasing and accounting



International sales and service are provided through direct offices or manufacturer's representation. For your local sales representative, please contact RCH Associates.