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November 2010


RCH Associates developes Furnace Processing Systems for solar cell manufacturing.


With 20 years experience in diffusion processes, RCH has adapted the Model 5644 furnace system for the deposition of phosphorous for solar emitters. The Model PV-6 Furnace System provides precise POCl3 processing for up to 400, 125mm square or pseudo-square substrates per batch/per tube level. The larger PV-8 Furnace System is configured for processing 400, 156mm substrates per batch/per tube-level.


Both models are 4-stack furnace banks that are capable of producing as many as 3600 substrates per shift. In addition, the furnace units may be used for other processes such as thermal oxide, LPCVD poly/amorphous silicon and LPCVD silicon nitirde associated with solar cell manufacturing.


December 2010


RCH Associates publishes new website at The site provides information on products, services and technologies offerd by the company.


July 2019

RCH Associates acquires product rights from RASIRC to provide the STEAMER.  RCH has installed a number of the RASIRC Steamers as an enhancement to diffusion furnace systems. The STEAMER is the product solution that eliminates the requirement of pyrogenic torch systems to grow high integrity wet oxides. In addition, no H2 is required. The STEAMER improves oxide uniformity while eliminating the cost and hazards associated with H2 and pyrogenic torches.