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Furnace Processing Systems


Diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD furnace processing systems for semiconductor and solar applications.





ASTRA Control System


RCH Associates' flagship product that provides total programming, operation and data management of diffusion and LPCVD furnace processing systems. Provides full computer power per tube-level with graphical, Touch Screen program access. 



RCH Steamer


High integrity wet oxide growth system with no H2 or pyrogenic torch required.

Hyper-pure steam generated from DI:H2O.



Source Gas Cabinets and Source/Vacuum Pump Cabinets


Fully facilitated gas source cabinets configured for atmospheric or LPCVD processes.

Stand-alone or stacked pump cabinets with vacuum pump and control systems.



Gas Systems and Liquid Source Delivery Systems


Gas systems and liquid source delivery systems for diffusion and LPCVD processing. 


Custom fabrication and assembly for specialized applications. 



VAF - Vacuum Annealing Furnace System


Specialized vacuum furnace system for thin film thermal processing of wafers and substrates that are sensitive to oxidation.


Applicable to metalization anneal/alloy and anneal of antireflective solar cell coatings and other materials.


Load Stations and Loading Systems


Clean room load stations.


Paddle and twin rod cantilever loading systems, push/pullers and auto lifters.


Retrofits and Components


Atmospheric and LPCVD processing systems retrofitable to most existing and new furnace system.


"Fast Flange" assemblies, elements and gas systems. Quartz and silicon carbide componentns. Replacement and spare parts.