Diffusion Furnaces

RCH Associates diffusion furnaces are designed for optimum temperature accuracy and stability. Enclosed in a unitized, rugged and thermally insulated cabinet structure, up to 4 heating elements are packaged for easy maintenance and extended service life.


Furnace Cabinet:


  • Unitized structural steel assembly
  • Hinged, locking and removable element access doors
  • Thermally insulated enclosure paneling
  • High temperature Urethane coating
  • Easy-to-adjust element alignment supports
  • Cabinet overtemperature interlock sensor
  • Leveling pads and optional seismic brackets


Toxic Gas Scavenger:


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Vents gases and heat from process tube or chamber
  • Indepently adjustable exhaust draw per tube-level
  • Cantilever closure or manual door sealing per tube-level
  • LPCVD flange and gas line fitting mounting scheme
  • Differential pressure gauge to monitor exhaust draw


Air-to-water Heat Exchanger:


  • Used to vent heated air from furnace cabinet top
  • HVAC control of furnace room
  • Water-cooled, high efficiency radiator
  • Air baffle paneling to direct air flow through cabinet
  • Exhaust fan module for air exhaust draw


Power Distribution:


  • Located within base of furnace cabinet
  • Encloses transformers, terminals and wire bussing
  • Encloses temperature controls and contactors/breakers
  • Easy accessibility to components
  • Pull down panels for easy access to control modules
  • EMO safety controls
  • Reduncant overtemperature interlock per element zone


Element Kits:


  • Elements

        Low temperature range element 350 to 900oC    

        Mid temperature range element 600 to 1200oC

        High temperature range element 600 to 1350o

        +/- 0.5oC tolerance 600 to 1350oC range

        +/- 1.0oC tolerance 350 to 600oC range    

        Vacuum formed high purity alumina insulation

        Stainless steel shroud

        Helical windings with captive spacing

  • Control and overtemperature TC spikes per zone
  • TC wire channel
  • TC holding and alignment clips
  • Energy Kits

        High purity alumina vestibule blocks

        NEXTEL soft collars

        Stainless steel capture rings, plates and collars                   


Power Controls:


  • High efficiency digital SSR/SCR firing circuitry
  • Power control and circuit protection with EMO
  • NEC-grade wiring
  • Easy accessibility to components
  • Main and control power disconnect contactors
  • Individual element power contactors and resets
  • Illuminated power indicators
  • Redundant overtemperature interlocks
  • 208, 380, 415, 480VAC main power, 50 or 60Hz