Gas Systems and Liquid Source Delivery Systems

Gas Systems


RCH Associates' gas systems are designed for:


  • Diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD processing systems in RCH Furnace Processing Systems
  • Retrofitting existing furnace systems to upgrade or convert processes in existing furnace systems of most any make or model
  • Customization for special gas delivery applications


A gas system, which is sometimes referred to as a "gas tray" or "gas platter", is a plate that provides mounting of all the gas control and plumbing components required to perform a specified process.


RCH is noted for pristine, high performing gas systems with great attention to detail and maintainability.


Mass flow contoller-based gas systems are standard. Rotameter gas systems are also available.


General Component Information


  • Bolt plate mounted components
  • Type 316L seamless stainless steel tubing weldments with electropolish
  • High performance mass flow controllers
  • Orbital weld VCR and Microfit fittings throughout
  • Pneumatic diaphragm valves
  • Manual diaphram valves
  • Miniature solenoid valve manifolds for pneumatics
  • Welded check valves
  • Submicron inline filters
  • Associated Teflon plumbing and fittings


All gas systems are manufactured in the RCH clean room, tested to high quality control standards and helium leak tested.

Liquid Source Delivery Systems


Liquid source delivery systems (vapor bubblers/vacuum vapor phase) include a gas system and a source controller. The source controller includes a temperature control system to maintain the liquid, which is held in a quartz or stainless steel ampoule, at proper vapor pressures.


RCH Associates provides complete source delivery systems for atmospheric diffusion processes and LPCVD processes. Only the highest quality source control systems are used for repeatable process results.


For LPCVD processes such as TEOS, a separate cabinet is provided to house the advanced source system.


Components are high vacuum-grade and are assembled for process precision and easy maintenance.


Atmospheric source processes and enhancements include:


  • POCl3
  • BBr3
  • DCE source HCl gettering


LPCVD source processes are:


  • TEOS
  • Phosphorous doped TEOS
  • Boron and Phosphorous doped TEOS

Specialized Gas Systems


RCH Associates' manufactures, assembles and tests custom and special gas systems. In addtion, complete engineering support including solid model engineering is available.


Systems can be designed from schematics that represent gas and fluid functions for semiconductor or other science-based industries.

Vacuum Components


In addtion to gas systems, RCH Associates provides vacuum line weldments, flexible gas line assemblies, vacuum bellows, vacuum flanges and other vacuum parts and repairs.


Full engineering support is provided to assure components are properly designed, manufactured, welded and tested.