Retrofits and Components

Retrofit Processing Systems


Retrofit Processing Systems (retrofits) for atmospheric and LPCVD processes are offered by RCH Associates to:


  • Convert an existing tube-level process to a new process.
  • Upgrade an existing tube-level to allow processing of larger substrates.
  • Replace old equipment with modern, high performing equipment without replacing the entire furnace to reduce upgrade costs.
  • Implement RCH Associates quality equipment and performance to a new furnace system.


Atmospheric Retrofits may include:


  • A gas system or liquid source delivery system.
  • A cantilever system with drive mechanism and cantilever, paddle or twin-rod.
  • Quartz process tube with associated processing quartzware.


LPCVD Retrofits may include:


  • An LPCVD gas system.
  • A quartz chamber tube with load port and vacuum port RCH "Fast Flanges".
  • A cantilever system with drive mechanism and LPCVD cantilever, paddle or twin-rod.
  • Processing quartzware such as boats, cageboats and injectors.
  • A vacuum pumping system with perifpheral components.


Retrofits are:


  • Engineered in detail to fit existing furnace tube-levels.


  • Dependent upon the size and  performance of the associated tube-level element to be used.


  • Provided to perform most RCH Associates' process.

        To review the available processes, please click here.

Elements and Peripherals


RCH Associates supplies replacement heating elements, vestibule blocks/collars and spike TCs. Please contact RCH for information and quotations.

ASTRA Control System Retrofits


The ASTRA Control System may be retrofitted to most any make or model of furnace system. Upgrading to ASTRA provides state-of-the-art programming, operation, data management and performance while reducing costs.


To review the the ASTRA Control System and it's benefits, please click here.



RCH Associates provides replacement and upgrade components that include:


  • LPCVD "Fast Flanges"  for load and vacuum port applications.
  • Inline vacuum pump filters.
  • Oil filter/recirculating systems applicable to rotary vane pumps.
  • Vacuum valves and vacuum control valves/controllers.
  • Gas systems.
  • External torch systems.
  • Process quartzware including tubes, boats, cageboats, injectors and baffles.
  • High purity silicon carbide paddles, tubes and boats.


For pricing and additonal components offered, please contact RCH Associates.

LPCVD Fast Flange