Source Gas Cabinets and Source/Vacuum Pump Cabinets



RCH Associates' source and pump cabinets are known world-wide for excellence in quality, design and maintainability. Used as standard components of RCH Furnace Processing Systems, they may also be used to upgrade or convert processes on existing furnace systems (retrofit).


Source gas cabinets, which are a critical component of furnace systems, include pre-plumbing within a regulator module. Regulators, gauges, isolation valves and filters are included in the module. The module is accessed through a clear-view door and it, along with the entire cabinet is fully evacuated. From each regulated gas supply, an orbitally-welded gas line then delivers the gas to associated gas systems at each tube-level.


Source cabinets are compartmentalized. Gas systems (trays/platters) are mounted vertically for easy access and view of all the components. A separate section allows easy access to process tube and chamber connections. Control components are mounted to pull-out trays for easy cable connections and maintainability.


Liquid source bubbler systems, which reside at associated tube-levels, are mounted to moveable shelving. The bubbler system may be pulled out for easy access clearance and safety when changing and connecting ampoules.


For LPCVD processes, RCH offers a variety of pump cabinets to suit most any facility requirement. The configuration of the cabinetry is determined by the available space and the size and components required for the vacuum systems. Pump cabinet configurations include:


  • Integrated source cabinet and stacked pump array (one pumping system per tube-level)
  • Stand-alone stacked pump array (one pumping system per tube-level)
  • Individual pump module for a tube-level


For each tube-level, pump cabinets include:


  • Pump (and Roots Blower A/R)
  • Vacuum control valves
  • Inline vacuum filtering
  • Oil recircultion/filtering when required
  • Vacuum lines and connections


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